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Re: PPlay Release

As a matter of fact I'm ver far along with PSound, thanks to help from Mr.
Burns and Mr. Smith.   I'm so used to designing simple APIs to fit _MY_
needs of the moment, that it was culture shock to do this!  But, I am
working as time permits (I'm quite busy being a high school student at the
moment because I'm studying for a test that I need to score high on to get
into college with...biology ugh!)

I think something constructive is being done...and liscensing is necesary!
Even with open source one may steal code!  To me though, I think X would be
the ebst choice, but I would be perfectly happy with LGPL.


At 01:05 AM 4/20/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Jan Ekholm wrote:
>>>Well, it's mainly two points. First, I know it permits linking of LGPL'd
>>>code to proprietary code - but after reading through it I can't tell you
>>commercial apps that should be fine, I think? Lets stop this silly
>>discussion right here and do something constructive. I think there should
>Well, actually we *are* doing something constructive. Adrian fixed the
>serious bugs in ppg2d, I (almost) completed the PFile stdio-API and am now
>adding directory reading functionality (while trying to get into libggi and
>ppg2d again) and Derek is busy designing the PSound API.
>The point is that talking about licenses takes perhaps a few minutes, but
>that's it.
>But you're right. Deciding on a license isn't top priority now. It's just
>something that should be done as early as possible in a project's life.
>>starting to feel quite unwelcome here, so maybe I should drop out of
>>PP entirely? Less fights that way.
>I apologize if we somehow made you feel unwanted. It's great to have you
>with us. Really. We just tried to get that license problem out of the world
>(expr?) and perhaps we lacked some tact. If you feel we're trying to seize
>control over Zombie or something like that, please tell us.
>	Christian
>PS: I skimmed through our ABOUT file again - would you like to be listed as
>PPlay developer?
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