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Re: PPlay Release

On Sat, 24 Apr 1999, Christian Reiniger wrote:

>Jan Ekholm wrote:

>Or simple test programs called with AC_TRY_LINK.

Yeah, I have a lot of these. I try to link some small apps, and it seems
to work ok.

>>- if compiler handles templates properly (gcc 2.7.X doesn't)
>Test code with AC_TRY_COMPILE
>BTW: egcs 1.1.x still has problems with template functions

But it can at least link them without problems. I know there are some
small nice oddities, but gcc 2.7.X required some major hacking before it
linked templates.

>>- directory for start/stop script
>Needs some shell scripting IMHO

That's what I have right now.

>>	./configure --kdeinclude=/foo --kdelib=bar --logdir=/baz
>usually directories are given via the "--with-" options
>(--with-kdeinclude=/foo). The AC_ARG_WITH macro is for this.

Ok. Didn't know that. I must have interpreted the docs a bit bad, I
thought the arguments could be only 'yes' or 'no'. This should then solve
that problem.

>Did you have a look at the PPlay autroconf setup? IMHO it's quite

No. I haven't looked at any stuff that isn't accessible via the web-pages.
Maybe I should take a look at it!

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