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Re: PPlay Release

Jan Ekholm wrote:

>>BTW: egcs 1.1.x still has problems with template functions
>But it can at least link them without problems. I know there are some

Only if you use them in the same source file. If you want to implement them
in one file and use them in another (both compiled seperately), you'd need
to use the "export" keyword - which egcs doesn't support yet.

>small nice oddities, but gcc 2.7.X required some major hacking before it
>linked templates.


>>usually directories are given via the "--with-" options
>>(--with-kdeinclude=/foo). The AC_ARG_WITH macro is for this.
>Ok. Didn't know that. I must have interpreted the docs a bit bad, I
>thought the arguments could be only 'yes' or 'no'. This should then solve
>that problem.

Well, it's at least what I've seen with most packages I compiled yet (e.g.
KDE: --with-qtdir=xxx ;)



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