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Re: more time, 0.1.2 released

Peter Burns wrote:
>>Nothing I say to you is meant offensive, but much may be written in a hurry.

>None taken. I haven't made any changes to PenguinSound for a while so
>I've been a little quiet.


>I bought UnrealTournament and downloaded the source but it seems a little slow.
>I had a look at
>the code. The audio mixer code looked horrible, so I made some changes and tried
>to submit a patch for it.


>I would like to add the ability to stream samples from disk or from the network
>to PenguinSound.

What do you think - should we open a new "0.2" branch for these greater
changes and try to make 0.1 as stable as possible or should we just code on
in 0.1?

Another thing: I'm hunting down warnings a bit, and ...
(1) I fixed the "member initializers will be reordered" one in Sample.h
    (just swapping a few lines)
(2) The PSound Makefile.am messes with the compiler flags, overriding
things set by the user (predefined CXXFLAGS) and configure (optimization,
no debugging for release builds):

DEBUG_FLAGS          = -g $(DEF_FLAGS)
# PenguinSound includes, PenguinPlay includes

What about changing that to simply:



Christian Reiniger
Coordinator/Coder, PenguinPlay (http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/)
Coordinator,       LGDC        (http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/)

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