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Re: I need more Time

>>>>> "rune" == rune  <rune@myrland.com> writes:

rune> Hi!  I've been a silent listener to this mailing list up to
rune> now. I am working for a small game company
rune> (http://www.eyeone.com/), and has been looking forward to using
rune> your code in some future project. Not much help in that, I know,
rune> but hopefully some moral support. We are too few programmers in
rune> our company to take on big C / C++ projects on our own, our
rune> speciality is web games - up to now solely in java. Open source
rune> libraries like the one you are working on would be invaluable to
rune> us if where to attempt something bigger. I tell you this,
rune> because I think interest should not only be measured in
rune> quantity.

rune> I would like to know a bit more about what you expect and want
rune> from a web site admin, as I would like to make an attempt at
rune> convincing colleagues and bosses that we should host your
rune> project on our site.

I don't see a problem in hosting, more in getting some work done...

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