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Re: I need more Time

>>>>> "Pierre" == Pierre Phaneuf <pphaneuf@sx.nec.com> writes:

Pierre> Christian Reiniger wrote:
>> Concerning PPlay, well, that's a difficult matter.  Interest in the
>> project hasn't risen after the release, so it's highly unlikely
>> that someone will come along who's willing to spend enough time on
>> it to take over some of the work (Jan, I think I understand you
>> now).  PSound development has even slowed down, it seems.  *Sigh* I
>> more and more think that taking the code and joining some other
>> project with it would be the best way. PenguinPlay as such would
>> die, but if you think about it it already died long ago.  It's
>> sad. I don't like doing this at all, heck, I hate writing this
>> mail.  But I don't see another way.

Pierre> Yeah, that really suck, I had to do something like that a few
Pierre> years ago, and it's quite painful.

Pierre> As a suggestion, if sunsite wants the space back, don't let
Pierre> the PPlay code disappear, drop it on SourceForge or something
Pierre> like that. Just put up a web page on the SourceForge server
Pierre> saying that the project is for grab or something like that.

Even if pplay "dies" or maybe just enters a state of coma we (SunSITE)
will be happy to keep your web, cvs, and ftp resources online.

No reason to panic ;)

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