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I have been following PenguinPlay on and off for some time now, all the
while developing a game on the windows platform. While I am familiar
with linux and have used it for a while now (only as a firewall though),
I am still in the dark as to what the relationship between X-Windows and
GGI, how to go about offering sound support - preferable 3D sound, and
the state of play with forcefeed back support. Sample code for starting
up these services would be great. Windows programmers have been wrapped
in cotton wool for a long time now with large volumes of documentation
about API's and the 3rd party SDK's. PenguinPlay could serve as the
guide map to games programming on Linux. 

I am not saying that PenguinPlay should generate all this information,
but it could have links to the various packages, status of various
device drivers currently under development, what the new kernel 2.2 and
say gcc 2.95 means for games writers and players (if anything), and
'glue code' for making PenguinPlay Approved (tm :) packages work

My source code currently abstracts a fair amount of system dependant api
calls and one day I will support linux, but as to where to start when
that time comes, I have no idea. Last time I wrote unix code was about 6
years ago in Xlib. I am sure that things have changed a little since
then. Help windows programmers make the transition relatively painless. 

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Hasse Schougaard