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Hasse Schougaard wrote:
><cloak mode off>
>I have been following PenguinPlay on and off for some time now, all the
>while developing a game on the windows platform. While I am familiar
>with linux and have used it for a while now (only as a firewall though),
>I am still in the dark as to what the relationship between X-Windows and
>GGI, how to go about offering sound support - preferable 3D sound, and
>the state of play with forcefeed back support. Sample code for starting
>up these services would be great. Windows programmers have been wrapped
>in cotton wool for a long time now with large volumes of documentation
>about API's and the 3rd party SDK's. PenguinPlay could serve as the
>guide map to games programming on Linux. 

Well, the LGDC (http://sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames/) is already concentrating
on that, so it will be a rather low priority for PPlay.

>'glue code' for making PenguinPlay Approved (tm :) packages work

That one is part of my current plans, yes.


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