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New Goals doc

Christian Reiniger writes:
 > Ok, the 2 (two!) responses I got up to now regardibg this topic have been
 > relatively positive on the "distro + own code" model, so I'll detail a bit
 > more on that:
OK, sorry I took _so_ long to reply to this thread, I was just in one
of my afraid-of-email phases.  That and I didn't disagree wit the
way things were going on it.  I didn't _like_ it, but I didn't

Basically I have to say (reluctantly) yes I agree with this.  Further
it should be
        distro THEN own code.
(also road-test with some demos before our own code).

 >     a setting. Adrian, what do you think?
Well, no one has to listen to what we say, do they:)

 > PS: GCC 2.95 is out! Hoooray!
Agreeeeeed.  Now I have to be bothered downloading it.