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Greetings from Sweden (again ;)!

Ok, some things:

1.) Sorry for that laziness note. I just checked the newsgroups at that
time and they didnīt contain the new stuff yet.

2.) PFile
I now implemented the core PakFile writing stuff using normal search
trees, not the complete stuff, because I (grr) left my algorithms book
at home and thus dont know the algo for converting a generic (balanced)
tree to a minimal complete one (taking up as little space as possible).
Well, later we can add this.
Bjarke, you convinced me concerning added hashing. I also think 4byte
keys are the way to go.

3.) PPlay Goals
Guys, PLEASE discuss this stuff. Iīm especially interested in the
opinions of Adrian, Stephane and Christof (since you were with PPlay
before I joined).

Ok, thatīs all for now.