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Re: new logo changesplus

Lu Max wrote:

>Sorry for the bit of tardiness on the delivery this
>set of revisions( god awful net congestion today.)

Sorry for the slow response (too little sleep yesterday) ;)

>well here it is hope these changes will be somewhat
>better ..i have included some other misc. graphics
>that you may freely distribute in this zip file as
>well....if there are any further adjustments you need
>feel free to ask and I'll gladly do what i can next

Well, I somehow fail to imagine any improvements....
The new designs are really great. Cool. Bombastic.

Ok, they should be in the gallery by now.

Peter, Bjarke, What do you think about adopting #3 from the newest series
as the new Logo?

>if you have any problems with the zip format i can
>resend these graphics to you as attachments as before.

I guess I can decode more than you can throw at me ;)

>> What do you mean with "digitizer" ?
>> To me it looks as if Tux holds one of these "flight
>> wheels" used in larger
>> aircraft.
>(ahh well it is actually a model of my digitizer pen
>and tablet that i use but i see where it would appear
>as something other:))

Ahhhhh :)

>> >as for the putting the game image on the screen
>> what
>> >style game??? 
>I have placed maily flight style game images i created
>on the screens in these samples as a bit of irony
>about penguins.

Yup, look cool.

>> I was going to give you some pointers to projects
>> that need help, but such
>> a thing almost never works out well. The best thing

>I scoured thru found a couple but would still would
>appreciate any pointers you might have to projects.

Hmmm, "Tux: A Quest for Herring" AFAIK looks for a better 3D Penguin model.
That might be a good starting point.
Participating in the "WorldForge" project (Ultima-Online kind of game)might
be interesting as well.

After that it becomes difficult. I have to admit that I don't follow the
game project scene very closely and am not well-informed about the current
situation. Bob Zimbinski, the happypenguin.org maintainer is much more
competent in that area.


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