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Re: new logo changesplus

> Peter, Bjarke, What do you think about adopting #3 from the newest series
> as the new Logo?
Well, I somehow don't like the fact the most of the top-portion of the
main PPlay header is Win32-related... And it's really obvious too:

#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma once
#pragma warning ...

#if defined(_WIN32) || defined(WIN32)
#include <.../Win32.h>

I feel like nit-picking, but, this is our _logo_. I mean, having
Win32-stuff all over on the logo sends a message... On the other hand,
we *do* have a penguin sitting there, so it could be argued that having
Win32-stuff there is good, since it illustrates the portability of
PenguinFile, in that it works on both Linux and Windows. On the other
hand, wouldn't we eventually need a little devil there too, then? And
all kinds of mascots for other kinds of OSes we in the future decide to

Just mentioning it. Perhaps I think too much :)

Basically, even if it isn't obvious from the above, I really like the
logo. Thanks Scott!