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PFile update & more

I looked through ppf*.cpp. Here's the changes resulting from that:

* Fixed little bug in ppfMkDir (It wasn't assured that the path given to MkDirPlain () was in native format). Same for ppfChmod(), ppfOpen(), ppfOpenDir()
* fixed larget bug in ppfMkDir (created new dir wasn't freed again on failure)
* fixed third bug in ppfMkDir (target dir attributes weren't checked properly for UInfo.GetFS () == ppfFS_virt)
* ppfCreatePak still accepted Format==1 . fixed
* Added code for setting ppfFILE::LastErr in some of the ppf* functions
* Replaced some of the API parameter validity checking code with ppAssert () calls
* Added doxygen API documentation for ppfGetC(), ppfPutC(), ppfGetS()
* Fixed buglet in ppfClose (It required stream->Handle != 0, which is only neccessary for "plain" streams now)

Another thing:
Peter and Bjarke, what's your status? You both have been very quiet


PS: The PFile docs are slowly getting into shape again

Drive A: not responding...Formatting C: instead