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Re: PFile update & more

> Another thing:
> Peter and Bjarke, what's your status? You both have been very quiet
> recently.
I was sick for a few days (along with about half of the population of
Denmark, or atleast that's the way it seemed when I came back to school,
we were only 2/3 of the class!), which caused me to miss a couple of
assignments, and catching up on that, along with my job, has taken 110%
of my time the last few days. I'm actually a little ahead with the
homework right now, though, so I should be able to do some stuff

There was a storm in Denmark yesterday. The biggest that has ever been
registered in Denmark I believe. It was quite spooky. Actually got me
wondering if the roof would stay where it was. It partially didn't :)  I
don't know the name of it in english, but those stones you put on the
roof to make it look nice and provide better protection against the rain
(I think that's why). Anyways, alot of those has fallen off and I'll
need to clean up some of that mess tomorrow also.