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Re: PFile update & more

Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Another thing:
> Peter and Bjarke, what's your status? You both have been very quiet
> recently.

I just bought a creative live! sound card and I've been playing around
with that. The linux support for it is not very good. I've also been
trying to see how the more than one sound card thing works. I left my
awe 64 in the machine when I installed the live. At the moment I can use
/dev/dsp for the live and the /dev/sequencer for the awe but I can seem
to get the /dev/dsp for the awe to work.

I haven't been doing much coding. I've been trying to work out how to
add streaming. I thought I
could remove AudioToFile::Status and replace it with a generic Stream
class but it doesn't quite
fit. At the moment their is one Status object for each channel, keeping
the information about the sample used and its current position. I can't
use a Stream as the Stream may be from the network or somewhere instead
of a SampleFile. I'll need to add it as a separate set of stuff to mix. 

Maybe I should make Status inherit from Stream so that most of the
functions in AudioToFile can be common. Then I could have a Status for
each normal channel and then create another set of channels for each
Stream that gets added to the mix.

Peter Burns