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More PFile updates

Some more changes:

Audit of the API function "backends" (Flush.*, Open.*, ...):

* Added code for setting ppfFILE::LastErr properly
* Added more comments for functions: FlushPlain(), FlushVirt(), SetVBufVirt(), OpenPlain(), ClosePlain(), ClosePlain_Nodelete(), OpenVirt(), CloseVirt(), CloseVirt_Nodelete()
* Changed *DirVirt code to set ppfDIR::BasePath to 0 (it's only used by the "plain" code anyway)
* Made deletion of ppfDIR::Entry->Name dependent on ppfDIR::Entry->NameIsCopy (as it should be)
* Fixed buglet in WriteVirt (always returned failure, even if everything was ok)

Some problem in Win32 I saw, Bjarke:
GetCWD (Win32) returns the path in native format instead of PFile format
(see System.h)


Drive A: not responding...Formatting C: instead