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Re: new logo changesplus

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:
>> Peter, Bjarke, What do you think about adopting #3 from the newest series
>> as the new Logo?
>Well, I somehow don't like the fact the most of the top-portion of the
>main PPlay header is Win32-related... And it's really obvious too:
>#ifdef _MSC_VER
>#pragma once
>#pragma warning ...
>#if defined(_WIN32) || defined(WIN32)
>#include <.../Win32.h>
>I feel like nit-picking, but, this is our _logo_. I mean, having
>Win32-stuff all over on the logo sends a message... On the other hand,

I guess you're right. What about leaving the #ifdef _MSC_VER stuff out for
the logo (as in the attached version)? The #if defines (_WIN32) part should
stay in however. It shows that we even care about fringe operating systems

>Win32-stuff there is good, since it illustrates the portability of

I'd interpret it that way. After all we're talking about #if statements.

>hand, wouldn't we eventually need a little devil there too, then? And
>all kinds of mascots for other kinds of OSes we in the future decide to

It's by definition impossible to fit all OS logos in one image, so we
shouldn't even try to do it ;)

>Just mentioning it. Perhaps I think too much :)
>Basically, even if it isn't obvious from the above, I really like the
>logo. Thanks Scott!


PS: Bjarke, Scott AFAIK isn't subscribed to the mailing list, so you should
always CC to him.


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