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PSound compile error

Compiling PSound I get this error:

Esd.cpp:8: prototype for `pp::internal::Esd::Esd(int, int, bool, bool)' does not match any in class `pp::internal::Esd'
../../include/PenguinPlay/Esd.h:32: candidates are: pp::internal::Esd::Esd(const pp::internal::Esd &)
../../include/PenguinPlay/Esd.h:27:                 pp::internal::Esd::Esd(int = 44100, int = 16, bool = true)

Remains of some recent change?


PS: src/Makefile.am still uses PenguinFile/*.lo and PenguinSound/*.lo as
LIBADD for libpp. It should be ok to change this to the .la's now, right?


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