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Source update, Build system fixes

I started debugging PFile and stumbled over a whole bunch of bugs, both in
PFile and in the build system:

* Modified handling of --enable-debug in configure.in. It now adds "-g -Wall" to CFLAGS & CXXFLAGS when debugging is on, and "-O2" otherwise
* Removed some redundant functions in configure.in (doesn't change anything - they were all commented out)
* Changed src/tests/Makefile.am to link the tests statically. Makes debugging quite a bit easier.
* Added src/tests/pfile_basic.cpp
* (Hopefully) fixed bug in Directory::Misc::Key::Key () and related methods. Key::Key (const char *) did not set m_nameLength but GetHashOf () used it.
* Fixed bug in URLInfo (URLInfo::Init () did not set invalid=false)
* Fixed bug in PakArchive::PakArchive () (initialized member "filename" (type URLInfo) with 0, which is not allowed. Strangely the assertion didn't catch the error...)
* The ppAssert didn't work because the DEBUGLEVEL macro was missing again!!! Fixed.
* Wrong again. The problem with DEBUGLEVEL disappearing was because it still was defined as PP_DEBUGLEVEL in acconfig.h and thus autoheader was confused - and removed it from config.h.in. Fixed.

Be sure to get these changes, folks


PS: PFile still segfaults left and right. I just *started* debugging ;)

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