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PFile fixes

Good news: The PFile bugs are getting harder to find ;)

* Directory::RemoveDir (const char*, int) and Directory::RemoveFile (const char *, int) didn't handle their default argument nameLen = 0 correctly. Fixed.
* URLInfo::CloneFrom () did not set invalid=false. Fixed
* FileGlobalData::SetCWD (const char*) did not call Freeze () on the stored cwurrent_wd_path. Fixed
* PakArchive::PakArchive (the creation constructor) did not set writeable = true. Fixed.
* URLInfo::ToAbsolute () did not create the leading '/' ('\\') in the hidden part, leading to problems when URLInfo::ToNative () was called. Fixed.
* Directory::SetName () couldn't handle nameLen == 0 (which is a valid case). It also allocated not enough memory for the copied string. Changed to use Strndup ()


PS: Bjarke, are you still alive??


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