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Re: PFile fixes

> PS: Bjarke, are you still alive??
Barely... :(

I have holiday now (started today), but I'm afraid I'll have to use most
of it to:

A) Do schoolwork. You'd think that they would try to keep your holidays
free of too much schoolwork, wouldn't you? Well, think again... :(
B) Try to do whatever I can to get better at speaking/writing German,
which I really stink at, and its really hurting my grades (a *real*
timesink). The only thing I have any trouble with, but then I really
*do* have trouble...
D) Celebrating christmas and the new year

Now, you might have noticed that programming (like PFile) is not in
there. The problem is that I simply do not have enough time, atleast not
right now, to do just about anything other than the above. I really hope
the situation will improve in the new year.

Its really too bad, because, as perhaps you noticed, 1-2 months ago I
had more than enough free time. Well, I guess the teachers were just
being nice to start off with; they certainly are not right now...

Anyway, the point is that you probably should not count on any activity
from my side the next 2 weeks *atleast*. Perhaps I'll be able to kill a
bug or two or something like that, but don't count on it...