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Re: PFile fixes

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:

>> PS: Bjarke, are you still alive??
>Barely... :(
>I have holiday now (started today), but I'm afraid I'll have to use most
>of it to:
>A) Do schoolwork. You'd think that they would try to keep your holidays

Ugh :(

>B) Try to do whatever I can to get better at speaking/writing German,

Well, now *that's* ok. German is a *very* important language, you know ;)

>Anyway, the point is that you probably should not count on any activity
>from my side the next 2 weeks *atleast*. Perhaps I'll be able to kill a
>bug or two or something like that, but don't count on it...

Ok, as long as I know it...

Incidentally I got a cold just before christmas, reducing my productivity
to zero. And now I'm looking at two options for how to continue:

(1) Debug the current Directory + HashTable etc code, i.e. digging through
code I don't really understand and, more importantly, I know of that it (1)
is unneccessarily complex and (2) it will be dumped almost as soon as it is
debugged, or

(2) Rewrite that thing, as we planned to do after 0.1, i.e. designing and
writing really big chunks of code

My ratio tells me to do the first, but my emotional part prefers the


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