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Re: PSound QuickIntro

Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Peter Burns wrote:
> >I'm having some problems with psound at the moment. I can't get esound 
> > support to work.

I've found the problem. I set the host to "localhost" if the ESPEAKER
environmental variable wasn't set, but this only really works if the esd
daemon is listening on a TCP/IP port on the localhost. If it is using a
unix socket instead then it won't work. Setting the host to zero instead
(the same value that you get if ESPEAKER is not set) seems to get esound
to connect to the correct daemon.

> First I had some problems getting the stuff to compile:
> * Esd.cpp was lacking a "#include <time.h>"

I've added the include to Esd.cpp.

> * Linking the examples resulted in ld complaining that it didn't find dlsym
>   & co. Adding "-ldl" to the LDADD in src/Makefile.am (i.e. for the entire
>   lib) linked libpp.so against libdl, but somehow didn't affect libpp.a
>   (used by the examples). Adding "-ldl" to the examples' Makefile.am
>   finally worked

I modified the Makefile.am to reflect these changes.

I'll try to write something for the intro in a few moments.

Peter Burns