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Re: PSound QuickIntro

Peter Burns wrote:

>I'm having some problems with psound at the moment. I can't get esound support
>to work. The
>esound function that I load dynamically always fails. I'm not sure if there is
>something wrong with
>esound, psound or the soundblaster live driver. I'll try and get the latest
>soundblaster live driver.
>Would you be able to tell me if you can get psound to work with esound?

Ok, tried it
Linux 2.2.13/OSSLite
Creative SB16 IsaPNP
esound 0.2.16

First I had some problems getting the stuff to compile:
* Esd.cpp was lacking a "#include <time.h>"
* Linking the examples resulted in ld complaining that it didn't find dlsym
  & co. Adding "-ldl" to the LDADD in src/Makefile.am (i.e. for the entire
  lib) linked libpp.so against libdl, but somehow didn't affect libpp.a
  (used by the examples). Adding "-ldl" to the examples' Makefile.am
  finally worked

After that, running "test_audio -f 2000" resulted in the following:

DEBUG:	 In function "pp::internal::Esd::Esd(int = 44100, int = 16, bool = true, bool = true)" at Esd.cpp: 141 : Esd playback failed. Format 0x1021 Rate 44100, Server localhost, Name psound949529113.

WARNING:	 In function "static class pp::internal::Audio * pp::internal::Audio::Create(int = -1, int = 44100, int = 16, bool = true)" at Audio.cpp: 139 : Exception caught: Method failed (Esd playback failed) in pp::internal::Esd::Esd(int = 44100, int = 16, bool = true, bool = true)

DEBUG:	 In function "void pp::internal::Dsp::Create(int, int, int)" at Dsp.cpp: 127 : DSP 16 bit 44100 Hz stereo

I haven't committed the source & Makefile changes yet. Can you look into
the libdl issue (it works for you, right?) and commit the stuff?


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