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Re: Website ->php3

Jan Ekholm wrote:

>>It would be useful for the news list, and later of course the library list
>>will be databased (when someone finds the time to maintain it)
>Stuff like that can be quite heavily automated. Let users add their own
>libraries using a simple form. Collect all new data onto a separate page
>where it can be viewed (and possibly checked up) by an administrator and
>eventually approved (maybe by clicking a simple checkbox). Approved stuff
>will then be automatically included on the list of libs/apps/whatever.

Hmmm, I guess you're right. Must think about it.

>My Emacs in the next virtual window contains horrible amounts of MySQL:ed
>PHP-code that belongs to a money-project, so I'm starting to know what can
>be done using the combination, which is a *lot*.

Funny how suddenly everyone turns out to have PHP experience ;)


Mike Rohsoft? Not known on this system...