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Fwd: LGDC and/or SEUL/games

I just goth this mail. My reply follows in a seperate one.


----------  Mail forwarded (Author is Doug Loss)...  ----------
Subject: LGDC and/or SEUL/games
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 18:26:10 EST
From: Doug Loss <dloss@suscom.net>


I'm part of SEUL (Simple End User Linux).  We have a number of games and
game-related projects under the SEUL "umbrella" and we have recently
started to wonder if there was a need for a separate subsection of SEUL
specifically for these projects (SEUL/games).  We already have a SEUL/edu
and a SEUL/sci section, for education and science respectively.

In messages to some of the people who would presumably be interested, this
is how we presented the potential SEUL/games:

> I see it as a place where Linux game developers could get together and
> talk about their craft, what they're doing and how they're solving
> problems they have, how they've already solved problems that
> someone else is having, that sort of thing.  And if someone came up with
> an idea or two for a great new game the folks on the mailing list might
> want to collaborate on its development.  Think of it as the equivalent
> of Spider Robinson's Callahan's Bar for Linux game developers.

Since we started looking into this we've become aware of LGDC, which seems
very similar to what we're considering.  We don't want to duplicate other
people's successful efforts just because we can.  Do you see a use for
something like the SEUL/games we've proposed alongside LGDC?  If they would
complement rather than compete, we'll continue.  Otherwise, we'll probably
direct interested people toward you.

By the way, would LGDC be interested in SEUL hosting services?  Here's the
standard message we send to prospective projects:

"The goals of the Simple End-User Linux (SEUL) Project are to make Linux a
more suitable operating system for 'normal people', as well as to increase
awareness of the benefits of choosing free software. If there's anything we
can do to help you out, such as providing a subdomain (lgdc.seul.org),
web or ftp hosting, developer accounts, a cvs repository plus pserver
(anoncvs) access, mailing lists, etc, please let me know.

"We're hosting and supporting a variety of projects that are moving in this
direction (look at http://www.seul.org/pub/hosting.html, though that
include some of the new ones on the frontpage). Having such a collection of
educational- and end-user-oriented groups means that they can work
sharing ideas, users, developers, publicity, etc.  Consolidating some of
widely varied groups and projects out there helps everybody involved, both
because it becomes easier to find what you're looking for and also because
it helps to reduce redundancy between projects.

"The two primary seul machines are located at MIT, with a stable T3
connection to the rest of the world. There are other seul or seul-related
machines with varying benefits and bandwidths (tolkien.seul.org is in
Arkansas co-located with an ISP, vodka.seul.org aka linuxkb.org is a
PII/450 hosted by Navisite (the same people who host altavista), etc),
but so far most seul activity fits just fine on the two machines at MIT.

"Anyway, that's the summary for you. Let me know if you have any questions.

This offer is of course open to penguinplay too.  I notice that your
mailing lists don't have web-available archives.  We can provide those for
you too.  You can take a look at our website <http://www.seul.org> for a
list of projects we support.  Our support isn't all or nothing; if there's
something we can help with we'll be happy to offer it.  For example, the
KidsGames project only uses our web-enabled email archiving.

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