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Re: LGDC and/or SEUL/games

Doug Loss wrote:

>In messages to some of the people who would presumably be interested, this
>is how we presented the potential SEUL/games:
>> I see it as a place where Linux game developers could get together and
>> talk about their craft, what they're doing and how they're solving
>> problems they have, how they've already solved problems that
>> someone else is having, that sort of thing.  And if someone came up with
>> an idea or two for a great new game the folks on the mailing list might
>> want to collaborate on its development.  Think of it as the equivalent
>> of Spider Robinson's Callahan's Bar for Linux game developers.
>Since we started looking into this we've become aware of LGDC, which seems
>very similar to what we're considering.  We don't want to duplicate other

*Very* similar indeed. In fact the LGDC does (tries to do) that plus a
little bit more.

>people's successful efforts just because we can.  Do you see a use for
>something like the SEUL/games we've proposed alongside LGDC?  If they would
>complement rather than compete, we'll continue.  Otherwise, we'll probably
>direct interested people toward you.

I'm sure the LGDC efforts would benefit from SEUL participation, as most of
the people involved in it (LGDC) don't have *that* much experience in
catering to end users. Issues like "What do endusers look for in
documentation?", "How can I make my game easy to install despite its
dependencies to uncommon libraries?" etc have been hot topics here.

>By the way, would LGDC be interested in SEUL hosting services?  Here's the
>standard message we send to prospective projects:
>"The goals of the Simple End-User Linux (SEUL) Project are to make Linux a
>more suitable operating system for 'normal people', as well as to increase
>awareness of the benefits of choosing free software. If there's anything we
>can do to help you out, such as providing a subdomain (lgdc.seul.org),
>web or ftp hosting, developer accounts, a cvs repository plus pserver
>(anoncvs) access, mailing lists, etc, please let me know.

SunSITE Denmark already provides us with excellend web/ftp/mail/cvs
hosting, and gamedev.net will soon host a mirror of the LGDC website as
"lgdc.org", so we don't really need something in this area.

>"The two primary seul machines are located at MIT, with a stable T3
>connection to the rest of the world. There are other seul or seul-related
>machines with varying benefits and bandwidths (tolkien.seul.org is in
>Arkansas co-located with an ISP, vodka.seul.org aka linuxkb.org is a
>PII/450 hosted by Navisite (the same people who host altavista), etc),
>but so far most seul activity fits just fine on the two machines at MIT.

Sunsite dk uses IIRC a quad-processor SPARC machine with 240GB diskspace
for ftp alone, plus an university's net connection (don't know the T rate
for it). That should be ok for our needs for the forseeable future ;)

>This offer is of course open to penguinplay too.  I notice that your

Even as PPlay clearly doesn't aim at end-users?

>mailing lists don't have web-available archives.  We can provide those for
>you too.  You can take a look at our website <http://www.seul.org> for a
>list of projects we support.  Our support isn't all or nothing; if there's
>something we can help with we'll be happy to offer it.  For example, the
>KidsGames project only uses our web-enabled email archiving.

We already wanted to look into web-archive packages for the mailing lists,
but if you already have a working solution, that would save us a lot of
work. How do you handle that archiving? Do you simply subscribe your
software to the mailing list ?


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