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Re: PSound updates

> I also had a look at PFile and got it to compile under MSVC5.0. I upload
> the changes that I made to cvs. The problem was due to the iterators in
> Directory.h. MSVC5.0 will hang if you subclass a template type inside a
> namespace (the same thing occurs with my factory classes).
I didn't know that. Seems MSVC++ 5.0 really doesn't like templates...

> There was
> also a problem with overiding iterator::Get with a function that only
> differed by the return type (the only difference was that some versions
> returned const types).
I had that too. My diagnose was that this was due to the fact that an
incorrect template instantiation got used as the base class in the class
you describe due to the bug in the compiler I've talked about in my
other E-mails. It seems you are of opinion... ?