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Re: PSound updates

Bjarke wrote:
> Peter Burns wrote:
> > There was
> > also a problem with overiding iterator::Get with a function that only
> > differed by the return type (the only difference was that some versions
> > returned const types).
> > 
> I had that too. My diagnose was that this was due to the fact that an
> incorrect template instantiation got used as the base class in the class
> you describe due to the bug in the compiler I've talked about in my
> other E-mails. It seems you are of opinion... ?

No its like this.

class A

   virtual T* Get() const;

class B : public A
   virtual const T* Get() const;

The functions differ only by the type returned. You can't do that.

Is there another bug to do with using a const template type? 


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