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Re: PSound updates

Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Peter Burns wrote:
> >I couldn't commit my changes to cvs so I just uploaded the source to
> >ftpspace.

I tried to commit again. I still get: "commit" requires write access to
the repository

> >->lpp1.0.0-msvc5.0.tar.gz
> I had a look at it but, please, can you upload something that only contains
> the files you changed? diff gave me (almost) complete copies of all the
> autogenerated files (Makefile.in etc) plus a complete copy of the entire
> doc/ hierarchy & some other files because of the different line ending
> style used (CR vs CRLF). I'd have to spend several hours to really extract
> all *real* changes from your archive...

No. Fix up cvs so that I can commit to src/PenguinFile.

I only changed files in src/PenguinFile.

Modified files:
CVS:    DirEntry.h Directory.cpp Directory.h EmptyFSEntityContainer.h
CVS:    FSEntityContainer.h GenFSEntityContainer.h Makefile.am
CVS:    OpenDir.cpp PakHashTable.h Win32.cpp ppfFlush.cpp ppfGetC.cpp
CVS:    ppfOpenDir.cpp ppfSeek.cpp

Half of may be just changes to whitespace.
The others are to do with dos style paths. The comments don't match up
to what the code is doing eg URLInfo::ToNative.

d:/some/path -> /D/some/path -> D/some/path 

URLInfo::Init(D/some/path) will fail

There are also problems with some copied path not getting a zero at the
right place in the end.

Here are some changes that need to be made to the version of URLInfo.cpp
that I uploaded.

>       memset(copied_path, 0, copied_path_size);
>       // put a zero on the end to make a null-terminated string
>       copied_path[copied_path_size - 16 + 1 + 1] = 0;
>       path = copied_path;
<     path += offset;
>     //path += offset;
>       // the leading / always gets stripped off
>       // so a dos type path looks like c/blah/blob.txt
>       part_start[0]=&Path[2];

You can use this perl script to fix up the line endings:

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -pi

I'm debugging buggy code that I haven't written. I don't have to do
this. I've got better things to do with my time. The code compiles with

I only had 3 hours sleep on friday night (I went to a clan analogue