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Re: PSound updates

Peter Burns wrote:

>> >I couldn't commit my changes to cvs so I just uploaded the source to
>> >ftpspace.
>I tried to commit again. I still get: "commit" requires write access to
>the repository
>No. Fix up cvs so that I can commit to src/PenguinFile.

Ok. Forwarded to staff@sunsite.

>I only changed files in src/PenguinFile.

diff also reported changes in /Makefile.am:

diff src/Makefile.am /tmp/LibPenguinPlay-0.1.0/Makefile.am
< deb: distclean dist
> deb: distdir

and this:
Only in /tmp/LibPenguinPlay-0.1.0/: PenguinPlay.ncb
Only in /tmp/LibPenguinPlay-0.1.0/: PenguinPlay.opt


diff src/acconfig.h /tmp/LibPenguinPlay-0.1.0/acconfig.h
> /* define for reentrant code for threads */
> #undef _REENTRANT

Only in /tmp/LibPenguinPlay-0.1.0/: dummy.c

(/tmp/LibPenguinPlay-0.1.0/ is the location of your copy, src/ is my cvs
Diffing against the libpp-0.1.0pre1 archive generates the same errors, plus
more (which only mean that I need to update the archive again...)

>Modified files:
>CVS:    DirEntry.h Directory.cpp Directory.h EmptyFSEntityContainer.h
>CVS:    FSEntityContainer.h GenFSEntityContainer.h Makefile.am
>CVS:    OpenDir.cpp PakHashTable.h Win32.cpp ppfFlush.cpp ppfGetC.cpp
>CVS:    ppfOpenDir.cpp ppfSeek.cpp

Ok, I'l look into that.

>Half of may be just changes to whitespace.
>The others are to do with dos style paths. The comments don't match up
>to what the code is doing eg URLInfo::ToNative.
>d:/some/path -> /D/some/path -> D/some/path 
>URLInfo::Init(D/some/path) will fail

Strange. D/some/path is a valid relative non-native URL (*not* equivalent
to D:\some\path on DOSish systems)

>There are also problems with some copied path not getting a zero at the
>right place in the end.

I'll have a detailed look at it now. Expect an answer the next 30 minutes.


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