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Big PFile update, gen. Notes

I'm now committing the rewritten Directory organization code. It's
completely implemented and compiles without warnings. Tomorrow I'll go on
with testing. The (very crude) changelog:

Big rewrite of PFile directory entry management & serialization:
* Removed file: HashTable.h
* New files: Iterator.h (global include), FSEntityContainer.h, PakHashTable.h, GenFSEntityContainer.h, EmptyFSEntityContainer.h
* Files rewritten (almost) from scratch: Directory.*
* Files greatly modified: PakDirectory.*, PakFile.*, GenericDir.*

* Some fixes in other code to match changed interfaces

NOTE: Iterator.h is a new file in /include/PenguinPlay !

Ok, some other things:

Peter, the PSound Makefile.am in CVS still redefines PP_DEBUGLEVEL. Can you
fix that ?

And what about setting the default PP_DEBUGLEVEL to 4 instead of 8 (in


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