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Re: 0.1 Release (Re: PFile works !!)

Peter Burns wrote:

>> That means the code is more or less ready for the 0.1 release 8-)
>> Peter, How much more time do you need to prepare PSound for that?
>I haven't gotten around to modifying the AudioToFile mixing thread to
>use select(2) as Pierre suggested. I've just come back from holidays so
>I might do a bit of work on it. I'll try and do it tomorrow. There also
>seems to be a problem with the timers in AudioToFile (ie SetTimeout,
>StartTimeout, WaitForTimeout, StopTimeout). When those two things out of
>the way I think it would be ready for the 0.1 release. There will still

Sounds good.

>be a few bugs in it though.  I haven't fixed up the sequencer yet, and
>the mmapped /dev/dsp doesn't work very well.

How critical are these?


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