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Re: multiple input devs

Christof Buergi wrote:

>> Does anyone here have experiences with using multiple pointer devices /
>> keyboards with one computer, especially with a GUI system on one screen?
>It is possible with GGI. GGI, however, is Alpha and IMHO not useable

>BTW: Since there will be a GGI-Version of PenguinPlay, It will use
>this feature, too.

I already counted on that ;)

My problem is now that I donīt know how this can be actually used and thus
I donīt know how to handle it best...

I hate unnecessary restrictions, but Iīm getting more and more unsure about
whether support for multiple keyboards and/or pointer devs per GUI unit
(see http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/PenguinDoc/gui-draft/wincluster.html)
is really a good thing (at least for Release 1)....

Any Comments?


PS: Is the Penguin-Input list up again, Christof?