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Re: multiple input devs

Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Garrett Goebel wrote:
> >> My problem is now that I donīt know how this can be actually used and thus
> >> I donīt know how to handle it best...
> >
> >Dual mouse input would be nice in any 1rst person shoot'em up game, like
> >Quake.  Or any fast game where you could move with one mouse and
> >target/act with the other.  Run around with one mouse, aim and shoot
> >with the other.
> Yep, I strongly support supporting multiple pointer devs ;)
> But is it useful to have several _pointers_ on one screen?

Hmm... Perhaps (going back to a quake-like example), if you wanted to
allow the player to use and aim 2 weapons at the same time? I could
forsee the use of multiple targeting pointers... and potentially a
directional (go over there while I turn my upper-body to shoot over
there) pointer.

Multiple keyboards could be used like multiple joysticks on a Nintendo. 
Multi-player games on a single machine. Can you tell the difference
between the input from 1 USB keyboard and another? 

Am I missing the point? Ignorance is a virture right?  99% of the time,
I have no idea what I'm talking about. -Just ask my wife.

C. Garrett Goebel 
Nym Networks, Inc.