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Supporting other platforms

Hi eveybody,

As everyone knows PenguinGraphics will be based on GGI (2d) and Mesa/OpenGL
(3d). This is wonderful for Linux and Un*x in general, but these APIs are
uncommon to unavailable on other systems. The GGI people are working on a
Win32 version, but this is hard work and will require some time. And
finally there are some other important platforms besides Win32 and Linux
out there.

This means that we wonīt be able to wait for GGI to be ported everywhere
and thus have to look for other ways of supporting these platforms - at
least for the start.

Currently thereīs two libraries suited for that: Sloukenīs SDL and Dierkīs
SCL. Both provide basic hardware abstraction, both seem to be really nice
and both support a number of platforms (SDL: Linux/Win32/BeOS, SCL:

Well, that looks like a classical situation for a merge of projects.
Deciding between them is somewhere between unpleasant and braindead (choose
your preferred level), as it means choosing one imperfect solution over
another in a place where the combined strengths of both are needed.

Conclusion: Itīs surely the best if you two (Dierk and Slouken) start
working together to create SGML2 (Simple but Great Media Layer? ;)

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