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Image file loading


I post this to the main list although this is strictly speaking a gfx
issue, īcause, well, itīs not sooo much gfx related again..

Er, well, just read it ;)

Ok, the main thing behind this posting is a question posted by Laurent
Delephine (?) on the gfx list about whether we already have code for
loading image files.

As you know we donīt have code for this ourselves, but thereīs several
libraries doing this. But: libjpeg, libtiff, libpng etc do a good job but
provide different interfaces each. Imlib also supports quite a number of
gfx file formats and packs this in a nice, compact package, but it uses this
code only for immediately dumping the gfx to screen - and thatīs not the
thing we want.

So the easiest thing would be adding "general" load/save capability to
imlib. This shouldnīt be difficult, as the code is already there, so it
simply needs an interface for it.

Does anyone here like to do that (Itīs better to ask Raster for including
our code into imlib than to ask him for writing the stuff for us)?


PS: imlib can be found somewhere on www.rasterman.com
("developers" section or so)