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Re: Game developer tools...

> I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for what they thought would be a
> good list of programs to use to develop games under linux.  If you have a
> program that you find useful or have XP with a particcualr app that you
> like please email me.  

Maybe we can get a bunch of PenguinPlay developers/thinkers around on IRC
or another chat forum to discuss the present and future of Linux game support?

I noticed a request by Chris to merge SDL and another library for cross-platform
support, and I'm sure there are many API's, libraries, and tools I'm unaware

Maybe we should get together and brainstorm?

FYI, I've tried to keep SDL as low level as possible so that other people
could write their libraries on top of it, and worry about file formats and
user interface issues instead of me. :)

See ya!
	-Sam Lantinga				(slouken@devolution.com)

Author of Simple DirectMedia Layer -