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Re: IRC meeting (was: Game developer tools...)

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Christian Reiniger wrote:

> Sam Lantinga wrote:
> >I'd like to hear feedback from some commercial game developers.
> Yes, we simply should try to contact them now. It could get a bit difficult
> to actually reach the developers though...
Yes, but I think we should have an "in house" IRC meeting first,
I have a real fear of meeting Important People and finding we
have nothing to say.

> >(Also, let's get a trial IRC get-together first so I can get my IRC
> >software working. :)
> Yeah, Iīll first have to find a good irc client ... ;)
We'll I've already voiced my approval for this.  I can't even
do IRC behind my firewall, so I will have to telnet to my ISP, (i.e 
no choice of IRC client).

> >What day/time?  What IRC server?  Who?
> If possible between 20:00 and 05:00 GMT (at other times itīs more than
> twice as expensive to stay online here in Germany...)
Any weekend should be nice (I assume we all have study or work).
Also it should be in the middle of the weekend, I live in Australia,
and just because Americans think its a civilized part of a Sunday
evening, it doesn't mean _I_ don't have to be up and ready to go
to Uni on this fine Monday morning.