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Re: Messaging System.

On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, Christian Reiniger wrote:

Here's another one that used to be private mail.  Hope you follow
the thread.

> Adrian Ratnapala wrote:
> >> I give this one a really high priority now, because the Gtk-- signal/slot
> >> code is now generated via m4 scripts, so IŽd have a hard time migrating
> >> this to PPlay....
> >I don't blame them for using m4.  It has one interesting consequency for
> Did you have a look at the older signal code (the same that we currently
> use)? It did quite much with really ugly defines - the m4 version looks
> much cleaner. Well, at least if you understand m4 ;+)
Yep, I know, as soon as you do tricky things, cpp is a nightmare.

> >a hard time to people trying to develop on no Unix versions of PPlay.
> >(I guess we could destribute pre m4d headers.)
> the config stuff wonŽt be combatible with non-Un*x anyway - and for the
> headers we propably could use some m4-to-#define converter (??)
One of the nice things about most non UNIX OSs is that you don't _need_
autoconf.  You justhave a config_h.dos and a Makefile for each compiler,
and you're away.   (Well, maybe you could have a simple batch file to
control the process too).