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Re: IRC meeting on Sat, 01.Aug.1998

Christian Reiniger wrote:

> Hi,
> edited version - It has all the little offtopic parts removed. The raw
> version is only for those of you suspecting censorship (and for Adrian ;))

Thanks:) I didn't think youd send it.

> Goals: - Get OS developers/activists together to discuss coordination of
>          projects
>        - discuss agenda etc of the Big meeting

Let's clear things up.  In this case OS stands for Open Source, not Operating System.In a way we invented our own dialect during that meeting and apparently Christian is
still speaking  it.

> - Big announcement (I forgot slashdot (http://slashdot.org/) in the mail)

We also decided we must remember to have someone hanging around at slashdotwhen we make the announcement, in case things get out of hand.

> I suppose we schedule another meeting for next weekend (Sat, 08.Aug.1998,
> 21:00 GMT should be ok). If we can contact the other OpenSource ppl up to
> then this would be the "smaller one" mentioned above, otherwise just
> another internal PPlay meeting (but then with more than 5 participants ;).

We'd better start emailing.  I'll send a message to the GGI list, we definately needone of them.

Who else?  Read on of warewolf's earlier mails.

> BTW: I persomally would like to have the Big meeting in about one month.
> comments?

We'll see what the other OS guys think.

> * Where is the Sound team?????

Yess...  We haven't heard a peep in MONTHS!

> * Portability has to be a central issue and the docs have to clearly state
> that. Commercial developers are much more likely to use PPlay if they can
> use it to develop games for Win32 *and* Playstation *and* Linux without
> having to care much about porting.

PlayStation is IMPORTANT!  Is  _anyone_ here a Playstation developer,does anyone know how to get into contact with such beasts.

> PPS: Now I'm tired too, Adrian ;) Good night!

Well, I hope you're in bed as I write this.  But I'm glad you wrote the summaryand not me, I missed some things because I was top busy argu^H^H^H^Hdiscussing
things over with Sam.

Bye all.