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Re: IRC meeting (was: Game developer tools...)

Ooops, seems as if I had a little blackout here:

Christian Reiniger wrote:

>>> >I'd like to hear feedback from some commercial game developers.
>Well, as Slouken said wesimply should invite them to learn their wishes
>etc. IMHO the "in house" meeting will be mainly a discussion about what to
>present etc at TheHugeEvent, so we should gather info about the

As the big meeting will be a discussion (not a presentation <g>) this is of
course senseless.

IMHO we should have the in-house meeting ASAP.
Suggestion: Sat 01-Aug-1998 20:00 GMT(UTC) at EFNet, channel #pplay

BTW: Another point not directly for the agenda but nevertheless important -
who should be present at the (big) meeting (i.e. the "officials")?

* PPlay developers
* at least one GGI developer
* professional game developers (as many as possible)
* evtl. Mesa people (?)
* evtl. ALSA people (?)
* other linux gaming "activists" (see the other homepages)
* ppl providing libs for cross-platform devel (SDL etc)

Any more?

We would have to contact these ppl directly (and _before_ the general
announcement ;).