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Re: IRC meeting (was: Game developer tools...)

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Christian Reiniger wrote:

> Adrian Ratnapala wrote:
> If we define what libs/tools are part of the "official" PPlay SDK, we also
> should provide some way to download the entire package. I donīt know if
> this is possible, but it surely would be nice.
I'm not thinking of an "official" PPlay SDK.  Just a set of tools which
we are packaging as a sort of communitity service.  When we are ready to
release a PPlay SDK, we might want to include consider some of these
tools as part of PPlay.  For now though, they are just RPMed tools.

> IMHO we just need to support "any bitmap manipulation program that supports
> png" or similar, as we usually donīt interface directly into it (Hmmm, but
> perhaps weīll have some custom Gimp plugins...)
Eventually we will write Gimp plugins.  Specically, one to allow saving
to PPlay archive files.   But first we need support for archives.  But
yes as far as PPlay goes, we don't care about GIMP or any other particular
draw program.

> Mesa!
Oooops, how did I forget that!

(I did however download the Mesa3.0 beta 6 (or 7?) RPM yesterday.