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Re: IRC meeting (was: Game developer tools...)

Adrian Ratnapala wrote:

>> >I'd like to hear feedback from some commercial game developers.
>> Yes, we simply should try to contact them now. It could get a bit difficult
>> to actually reach the developers though...
>Yes, but I think we should have an "in house" IRC meeting first,
>I have a real fear of meeting Important People and finding we
>have nothing to say.

Well, as Slouken said wesimply should invite them to learn their wishes
etc. IMHO the "in house" meeting will be mainly a discussion about what to
present etc at TheHugeEvent, so we should gather info about the
commercial/professional gamedev world now.

That way weŽll have more of a concept at the Big One.

>> Yeah, IŽll first have to find a good irc client ... ;)
>We'll I've already voiced my approval for this.  I can't even
>do IRC behind my firewall, so I will have to telnet to my ISP, (i.e 

Any Australian company representative reading this who could give Adrian
access to a non-blocked computer (or donate him his own IN uplink)? ;)