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Re: IRC meeting (was: Game developer tools...)

Adrian Ratnapala wrote:

>> A good thing would be to find out what and where available tools are
>> located.  I can package them up in RPM format.  These tools can then also
>Yep.  This is not _really_ what we are doing, but I think a centralized
>store of RPM's would be a nice reasource, we might as well collect them

If we define what libs/tools are part of the "official" PPlay SDK, we also
should provide some way to download the entire package. I donīt know if
this is possible, but it surely would be nice.

>need to be collected.  Others, like the GIMP should not be included (or

IMHO we just need to support "any bitmap manipulation program that supports
png" or similar, as we usually donīt interface directly into it (Hmmm, but
perhaps weīll have some custom Gimp plugins...)

>What RPM's would we want?
>	* SVGAlib
>	* GGI (This is a bit of a moving target though)
>	* Draw program, I like Satan Paint, GIMP (if we can fit it)
>What else?