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What I've been doing.

It's been a while since I sent any mail to the PenguinPlay mailing list
so I thought I send one to tell anybody interested what I've been doing.

I had a look at the audio part of crystalspace and then thought about
what I wanted to do. I've always been interested in writing some sort of
music creation application rather than a sound effects engine. I thought
instead of improving PenguinSound so that it is more useful for games
(it needs a lot more work in the 3d area - I've got some surround sound
speakers now which should be useful for that), I'll improve it so that
it is more useful to creating music or effects. I've become interested
in writing a sample editor. I've written a few filters already, using
iterators and functors, and made a start on some generators. I've
started retrofitting PenguinSound to my module player. I've also started
playing around with gtk to see if I can get it to work under win32 so
that I only have to code one interface, although I've written a small
simple editor using MFC and PenguinSound. It can load and save samples,
perform a number of different filter operations and display the sample
data or its FFT. I used OpenGL for the display of the samples and FFT
(generated using fftw) so that I could reuse it on other platforms. 

I guess what I really mean to say is that my goals aren't really the
same as PenguinPlay or crystalspace, so I don't know if I'd like to do
will be of any benefit to those projects.

Peter Burns

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