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Re: What I've been doing.

>Pierre Phaneuf wrote:
>Peter Burns wrote:

>> I guess what I really mean to say is that my goals aren't really the
>> same as PenguinPlay or crystalspace, so I don't know if I'd like to do
>> will be of any benefit to those projects.

>Maybe not directly, but musical/audio content creation on Linux is
>something also very much needed.

>A cross-platform solution with at least Linux/Windows (maybe Mac would
>be nice) could be mucho useful. You start by giving the Windows version
>to content developers, and if/when they switch, the app can follow.
>Also, you can tweak their work without booting up Windows.

The biggest problem with cross platform development between Linux/Windows is
the user interface.

QT is cross platform but is non-free under windows.

MFC/win32 is obviously not cross platform (and not very well designed either)
though it
is easy to get something going quick.

Tor Lillqvist has been porting gtk to win32
I've downloaded the source and started playing with it, but it took me a while
to simply
compile it, and haven't been able to test it with a simple application yet. The
is another
project to port gtk to beos.

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