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Re: [org] Aiming for Release 1

Christian Reiniger wrote:
> PenguinInput
>         <fill in>
> PenguinEvent
>         Has to be almost complete. Event transport, distribution, queueing

If you use LibGGI you will get this as a bonus. LibGGI uses the
LibGII library which handles input management and events. LibGII is
similiar to LibGGI in that it dynamicly loads drivers, but instead
of outputing display data the drivers generate events.

There is already fully working event distribution - you can send
events to input drivers and LibGGI display drivers and you can
enqueue events from the application or from external modules.

You can also attach filters which allows you to process every
event before enqueueing it. This allows for things like generating
pointer events with a keyboard, or saving all events to a file for
playback of a session.

Also in the works are LibGIC - General Input Configurator. This will
be a library which implements Descent-style (user selects an action
like "fire plasma gun", app says "Move the control you want to use"
and calls something like gicTrainControl("pgun"), the user just
moves the joystick/mouse or clicks the button he wants to use, and
LibGIC handles the rest) input configuration on top of LibGII, with
an easy to use API. The idea is the same as that of LibGGI - it's not
the programmer that decides what devices the user should use for
input or output - it's the user.

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