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Re: [org] Aiming for Release 1

On Sat, 27 Feb 1999, Christian Reiniger wrote:

> Hi all.
> And these parts have to specify their goals for R1, too:
> Penguin2D
> 	Not sure. Perhaps a combination of libggi+libggi2d functionality
> 	(framebuffer access, drawing primitives, blitting funcs, alpha
> 	support)
Yes, pretty much that.  Basically filling in what there is already
a skeleton for, and completing the pg2d TODO list.

> Penguin3D
> 	<fill in>
I would have liked to have more, but the way things are going we should
leave it at "make OpenGL easily accesible from pg2d".  If we see some
actuall implmentations of 3d objects soon, then maybe that can change.

> BTW - A note about the two-layer model (P/O). That's mostly obsolete, as it
> doesn't make much sense for most parts (e.g. in Penguin2D Layer P is simply
> libggi*). Having a procedural API for all base functionality is still
> important however.
The ideas was always that LayerP would be a mixture of PPlay and 3rd party
tools.  I don't see this has changed.  Yesterday I wrote PenguinEvents 
(not completely obviously, but the user can raise events, and they will
be received), that is Layer P (even though I used LayerO headers, I can
easily fix that).  Everything else we have written so far is Layer O,
if we can keep PEvents as the only layer P component which we actually
write then that would be bonus.