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RE: [org] Aiming for Release 1

On 27-Feb-99 Christian Reiniger wrote:

> And these parts have to specify their goals for R1, too:
> Penguin2D
>       Not sure. Perhaps a combination of libggi+libggi2d functionality
>       (framebuffer access, drawing primitives, blitting funcs, alpha
>       support)


> Penguin3D
>       <fill in>

Mesa, as we decided we would use OpenGL and that is the only viable solution on
Linux right now. However the integration with libggi could be a problem. If it
does not work right now, then PenguinGraphics developers should seriously
consider to improve this aspect and fix Mesa ;-)

> PenguinSound
>       <fill in>

Whatever has been done so far ?

> PenguinNet
>       <fill in>

Definitely Zombie. The new version is very promising.

> PenguinInput

I don't know what has been done for this, but I might give some help on this
part as I have just completed the Linux event queue for the forthcoming SciTech
MGL (including joystick, mouse, keyboard)...

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